If Office Keeps Asking For Password! How to Fix It?

If the customer face issue like Office keeps asking for Password. Then to fix this issue, you should use repair and recovery tool. In this method, you will read the method to fix if Office keeps asking for Password. For more details, visit to www.office.com/setup.

Method to Fix If Office Keeps Asking For Password:

1. Check your Credentials:

This issue occurs if there is the issue with the Credential Manager. In order to fix it, you should find the problematic credential and just delete it. In order to access the Credentials Manager, you should tap on Win Key + S at the same time and then input control panel. Then from the list of results, you should choose Control Panel. When the Control Panel opens on your screen, you should go to the Credential Manager. When it opens up, then you can find the problematic credentials and just recreate it.

2. Use Repair and Recovery Tool:

The user can access the repair data software of Office who wants to restore damaged data. This software helps to recover and safeguard sensitive data. It allows repairing and recovering broken and corrupted PST files. It is recommended you should use this option in the end when all other methods fail.

3. Use Different Email Client:

If this issue occurs then it might be linked to Outlook application. If other solutions do not work, then just switch to different email client. Because, it is possible that your email client is corrupted. It is advised you should use the best email applications for Windows 10 which is up to date.

4. Remove your Account Credentials, Remove Email Profile and just Recreate it:

If Office keeps asking for Password, then the issue is with your email profile. Sometimes, this issue occurs when you upgrade to the new version of Office. To fix this issue, you should recreate the email profile. For this, you should remove all Microsoft Office credentials. After this, you should remove your profile by opening Outlook and then go to File. Now, you should tap on Account Settings and then click on Manage Profiles. Here, you should choose Show Profiles. At this point, you should choose your profile and then hit on Remove button.

After removing the profile, you should create a new Outlook profile. For creating, you should open Outlook. Now, you have to visit to File and then tap on Account Settings. At this point, you should hit on Manage Profiles and then tap on Show Profiles and then hit on Add option. Here, you need to enter the specific profile name and then tap on OK button. At last, follow the process to finish the account creation process.

5. Remove Unnecessary Shared Calendars:

Sometimes this issue occurs due to an old shared calendar. To fix the issue, users should remove the calendar and then the error will be completely fixed. In case, the user has old shared calendars which you don’t use, then just delete it and then the error will be fixed.

Through this way, you can fix the issue if Office keeps asking for Password. For more info, go to office.com/setup365 or office.com/myaccount.

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