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Do you think to have an MS Office 365 suite with all the features to make the presentation, prepare documents, or calculations in the sheet without paying a penny? If so, then here I discussed 6 steps to get MS Office 365 suite for free. There are several legitimate methods to use MS Office 365 without spending money on it. You can follow one of the following ways to get the MS Office 365 for free as per your convenience.
There are several legitimate methods to use MS Office 365 without spending money on it. You can follow one of the following ways to get the MS Office 365 for free as per your convenience.

Go to your browser ion your device and open official online MS Office application link: https://products.office.com/en-us/office-online/documents-spreadsheets-presentations-office-online. These applications are available with some characteristics limited online versions of the offline MS Office software, you can. Your files generated with these MS Office online applications are completely Office-compatible, so get them using just your browser for free.

MS Office suite is totally free for if you have an email address with .edu and you are either the student or instructor or tutor. It will allow you to download and set up MS Office 365 suite online from office.com/setup.

The point is that your institution has to have purchased an educational license of MS Office application online from office.com/setup. So try your .edu email address and get a free MS Office suite from office.com/setup. Best of Luck!

Sometimes you get a free MS Office applications suite with your new device purchase. Your retailer has already purchased the license from office.com/setup and you get it for free with your Desktop or PC.

If you have a Smartphone or a tablet, you can easily get the mobile version of MS Office without any charge. Though it has minor features limitations, it is an excellent application suite to work with. Here note that if your device's screen is larger than 10.1 inches then you cannot download MS Office Mobile Application for free.

It is a violation to use various email ids and credit card to get the trial version again so I personally do not advise to do it, but so many people are doing this nowadays.

But you can download the Microsoft Office ProPlus trial from office.com/setup which is added 30-day trial, directed at business clients. Also, you can share it with up to 25 people. Do have you any other ways to get free MS Office 365 on your device? Share it with us here or if you need any help regarding MS Office 365 then contact MS Office support team at office.com/setup.

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Why is Microsoft Office product activation so hard?

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On the off chance that you get a mistake message when endeavoring to activate Microsoft Office, settle in for a troublesome time. Microsoft doesn't make activation straightforward, not to mention fix activation issues. Office activation is the place recently introduced Office programming is approved by Microsoft's servers. Without activation, the product just has extremely restricted highlights. Click office.com/setup for step by step information. For MS Office 365 clients, item activation checks that you have a current MS Office 365 'membership'. There are general checks by the product however it's normally the one after establishment that experiences difficulty. Unending license MS Office takes the Product Key entered at establishment and checks with Microsoft that the Key is substantial and not misused. That is all fine when item activation works perfectly. It should just take a couple of moments with a web association.

When product activation goes wrong
At the point when item activation doesn't work, Microsoft lets its clients down seriously. The error messages, for example, they are, disclose to you practically nothing. The sum total of what you have is a mistake code like 0x800706BA, 0x80070005, 0x4004f00c, 0x80072ee2 or numerous others. Looking into that mistake code online isn't a considerable measure of assistance. There are a lot of online gathering talks and proposed fixes. You'll search futile for anything official from Microsoft. Why? Microsoft is constantly hesitant to concede there's anything amiss with their items and particularly unwilling to discuss item actuation. There's little favorable position to Microsoft in making it simpler for individuals to comprehend item activation issues. The more details are provided on office.com/setup. What to do when product activation goes wrong You can attempt the recommendations on the Microsoft Office Setup support page. These aren't particular to any mistake code and are for the most part gone for gathering up more evident issues.

To put it simply, Microsoft's recommendations are:

  1. Sign in with the correct account. Ensure the Microsoft account you're signed into is the one connected to your MS Office 365 qualification or plan.
  2. Maintain a strategic distance from different duplicates of Office. Microsoft may authoritatively bolster introducing in excess of one Office form on a similar PC, however, it's troublesome. Better to utilize virtual machines.
  3. Subscribed? Is your Office 365 arrangement still present? Check on the web?


Office for Mac activation problems

In spite of the fact that the Microsoft support page applies to Office for Windows, similar tips above apply to Office for Mac.

Past that, there's little help for Mac clients. Calling Microsoft Support is your most logical option.

Support and Recovery Troubleshooter

For Office 365 'membership' items Microsoft has a Support and Recovery Troubleshooter that you can download and run.

There's likewise an initiation troubleshooter for non-membership adaptations of MS Office 2016 for Windows

In principle, it should distinguish and repair initiation issues. Perhaps it'll work for you.

We've utilized this troubleshooter many, ordinarily and it's once in a while (if at any point) attempted to clear initiation issues. It's either (wrongly) said there's no issue or do a few repairs which had no effect.

Call Microsoft Support

Bombing all that, call Microsoft Support in your country.

Be at your PC with a note of the correct error code you're seeing.

Tell them what you've attempted to do and ideally, they'll discover more subtle elements in Microsoft's private Knowledge Base.

Still have questions? Visit www.office.com/setup or visit Microsoft support center.