What is the Method to Fix Tiworker.exe Causing High CPU and Disk Usage?

In some cases, users faces that the file Tiworker.exe is causing high CPU and Disk usage. To fix this issue, you should rename Software distribution folder and also check for update. For assistance, visit to office.com/setup.

Method to Fix Tiworker.exe Causing High CPU and Disk Usage:

1. Run System Maintenance Troubleshooter:

For this, you need to use the Win key + S together and then write Troubleshooting. After this, you should hit on the Troubleshooting icon. At this point, you should choose View All option. Here, you need to hit on System Maintenance. At last, you should tap on Next button and then follow the steps written on the screen.

2. Fix Registry Errors By using Restoro tool:

To fix the Registry Error, you should download and install Restoro tool. After this, you need to launch the application. Here, you need to wait for the tool to find the system issues and malware infections. At this point, you should hit on Start Repair. At last, Restart the system for the changes to take place.

3. Check for Updates:

The user should check the updates, you need to hit on Win key + X altogether and then choose Control Panel. In the Control Panel, you need to tap on Windows Updates. From the View menu, you should choose Large icons. Here, you should tap on Check for updates. When the process is finished, then restart your Windows 10 PC. 

4. Perform Clean boot:

To perform clean boot, you need to hit on Win Key + R key together, and then input msconfig and tap on Enter key. After this, you should visit to Services and then check the option of Hide all Microsoft services and then tap on Disable all. Here, you should visit to the Startup tab and then tap on Open Task Manager. At this point, you need to right-tap on the application which is on the list and then select Disable from the menu. Now, you should repeat the procedure for all startup applications which is on the list. At last, visit to System Configuration, hit on Apply and OK button and then restart the system.

5. Rename Software Distribution directory:

To rename Software Distribution directory, you need to hit on Win key + R together and then input services.msc and then hit on OK button. After this, you should find the Windows Update service which is there on the list and then double-tap on it in order to open its Properties. Here, you need to set Startup type to Manual, then hit on Stop and then Apply and OK button to save the changes in the system. At this point, visit to C: Windows, and then find SoftwareDistribution and then change its name to SoftwareDistribution.old. Then, you should Return to Services and just double-tap on Windows Update. At last, you need to set Startup type to Automatic, then tap on Start and hit on Apply and OK button.

6. Fix Tiworker.exe high CPU by using CMD:

For this, you should tap on Win key + X altogether to open the WinX menu. After this from the results, you should select Command Prompt as Admin.

With this method, user can easily fix Tiworker.exe causing High CPU and Disk Usage. For more assistance, go to office.com/myaccount.