How To Get Rid Of Error Code 0x8000ffff in Window 11?

When the user upgrade to latest version of Window 11, then they sometimes face error code 0x8000ffff. This error stops the user from using Microsoft Store and also updating the Window.  In this article, you will learn the method to resolve error code 0x8000ffff in Window 11. For more assistance, navigate to

Solutions to Resolve Error Code 0x8000ffff in Window 11:

1. Microsoft’s Servers to Become Accessible:

User normally gets this error, when Microsoft servers are not accessible. It is because of heavy load or might be the servers are temporarily down. Hence, you should wait for 24 hours before you start the troubleshooting process because the problem might be with the servers and not in system.

2. Run Windows Update Troubleshooter:

The customer should tap on Windows + I together to launch the Settings app and then hit on Troubleshoot option which is on the right side in the System tab. After this, you should tap on Other troubleshooters. Now, you have to find Windows Update troubleshooter and then hit on the Run button which is next to it. At last, you need to wait for the troubleshooter to identify the issue and just follow the instructions to fix it.

3. Clear Windows Store Cache:

You should hit on Win + R key together to launch the Run command. Now, you have to input wsreset in the text field and then tap on OK or Enter button to clear the Windows Store cache. You will view the black screen but it will not show you the detailed progress. When it disappears, then the Microsoft Store comes up with its cache cleared.

4. Disable Proxy:

To disable, you need to press Windows + R altogether to launch the Run command. And then type inetcpl.cpl in the text field and then hit on OK or Enter key to launch Internet Properties window. After this, visit tothe Connections tab which is on the top and then hit on LAN settings. Now, you should untick the checkbox for the option of Use a proxy server for your LAN and then tap on OK button to save the changes.

5. Disable Antivirus:

To disable antivirus, you should hit on Windows + S together to launch the Search menu. Now, you should input Windows Security in the text field which is located at the top and then tap on the search result. After this, you should hit on Virus & threat protection from the options which displays on your screen. At this point, you should hit on Manage settings just under Virus & threat protection settings. Here, you need to disable the toggle for Real-time protection. At last, you should hit on Yes option which is on the UAC prompt which pops up on your screen.

The above method will help you to fix error code 0x8000ffff in Window 11. If the customer requires details, then they should navigate to the site of MS Office via