How to Fix If Microsoft Word Won’t Edit Documents?

MS Word is the text document editor but if the user cannot edit a Word document, then they can use the below method to fix the issue. For more assistance, go to

Method To Fix If Microsoft Word Won’t Edit Documents:

1. Unblock Document from Properties:

First, you have to Save the document to your computer or hard drive. Now, you have to right-tap on the document icon. At this point, you need to choose Properties and then hit on Unblock option. At last, if this does not fix the issue then you should try another solution.

2. Use Alternative to Microsoft Word:

If Microsoft Word starts causing issues then you should use alternative software for this. Microsoft Office alternatives come up with multiple tools which help you to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets. These tools are free and they have trial versions also. Keep in mind if you are switching to a different app, then just check it supports all major document file formats so that you can easily open documents which you have created in MS Word without any problem.

3. Use Word Online:

If Microsoft Office is not installed in your machine, then you should upload the file to a cloud program like Microsoft’s OneDrive. After this, you should Edit the document just by using Word Online.

4. Check In case, you’re using Trial Version:

Sometimes, the user cannot use some functions of Word as they are using a trial version of Microsoft Office which has expired. In this situation along with Word, you cannot use other programs. And also you cannot create, edit or save documents.

5. Use Undo (CTRL+Z):

If your text is highlighted or ‘frozen’, then this means your text is converted to a field. In this situation, you can Undo or press Ctrl button+ Z key together. You should also check the Undo arrow which is located at the top menu to view if you had previously inserted a field. In this situation, Undo will fix the issue. Or, you should unlink the field just by using CTRL+SHIFT+F9 key together.

6. Remove protection:

To remove protections, you have to follow the below method:

For Word 2013, 2010:

You have to click on File and then select Options. After this, you should hit on Trust Center which is on the left side of the screen. Now, you have to find Trust Center Settings and then tap on it. Here, in the left side you should hit on Protected View option. At last, you should uncheck all the three boxes which are under Protected View and then hit on Ok button.

For Word 2007:

The user should tap on Review and then hit on Protect Document. Now under Protect group, you should tap on Restrict Formatting and Editing. At last, you have to hit on Stop Protection.

For Word 2003:

For this, you should visit to the Tools menu and then tap on Unprotect option.

With this method, you can fix the issue of Microsoft Word Won’t Edit Documents. For more help, visit to the site of MS Office via