How to Fix If Window 10/ 11 Product Key Not Working?

If the Window 10/11 product key is not working, then the problem must be there in the server. To fix this issue, you should read the below method. For assistance, go to

Method to Fix Window 10/11 Product Key Not Working:

1. Check License Status if Window 11 product key not working:

For this, first you should press Windows + I key together to launch the Settings app. After this, you should tap on Activation button which is on the right side in the System tab. At last, you should check if the Activation state reads Active. This means, Windows is already activated.

2. Verify you are Entering Right product key to Resolve this Error:

Sometimes, users enter the wrong product key. In case, you are installing Windows 10/11 for first time, then you should check all the characters which you are entering. Normally, people get confuse between 8 and B, so you should verify the characters. You should also verify that you are activating the right edition.

3. Verify the Internet connection:

To activate Window 10/11, you should have a stable Internet connection. Normally, this is the reason why Windows is not accepting the product key. You should check that the Internet connection works fine, and not getting slow speed. When the speed is stable, then you should start activation.

4. Run Windows Activation Troubleshooter:

First, you should press Windows + I key altogether to launch the Settings app and then hit on Activation button which is on the right side. After this, you should hit on the Troubleshoot option. Lastly, you should wait for the troubleshooter to run and then select the response to complete the process.

5. Reset Windows 11 License:

The user should press Windows + S key altogether to launch the Search menu. After this, you should enter Terminal in the text field and then right-click on the search result and then choose Run as administrator. Here, you need to tap on Yes option in the UAC (User Account Control) which appears on your screen. At this point, you should tap on the downward-facing arrow and then choose Command Prompt just to open it in a new tab. Or, you can press Ctrl + Shift + 2 key altogether. Then, you should paste the command and press Enter key to reset the license status:

slmgr.vbs –rearm

Lastly, you need to restart the computer system and then Windows 10/11 will accept the product key.

6. By using SFC scan:

The user should press Windows + R key together to launch the Run command and then enter cmd in the text field. Now, you should hold the Ctrl + Shift key and press on OK or Enter key to launch the Command Prompt. Here, you need to tap on Yes button in the UAC prompt which displays on your screen. At last, you should paste the command and tap on Enter key to run the SFC scan:

sfc /scannow

Through this way, the user can fix Window 10/11 product key not working. If the customer needs assistance, visit to

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