How To Get Rid of Lagging Games on Window 11 and Window 10?

Lagging Games issue can be occur because of many reasons such as under equipped system etc. This issue can be fixed by updating your GPU drivers and optimizing your PC settings. For more details related to Windows, navigate to MS Office via In this article, you will learn the method to fix lagging games on Window 11 and Window 10.

Method to Fix Lagging Games on Window 11 and Window 10:

  1. Reduce Game Graphics Settings:

For this, you should open the game, then go to its Settings and then select Graphics. After this, you should ensure to set a lower overall value or just de-activate some features such as Antialiasing, Shadow values and others.

2. Update Graphics Card Driver:

You should press Win key + X simultaneously and then select Device Manager from the list. After this, you should toggle the Display Adapters option. Now, you should right-click your GPU and then select Update Driver. At this point, you should select Search automatically for drivers. At the end, just wait for the procedure to finish.

3. Turn off Windows Game Bar and DVR:

The customer should press Win Key+ X altogether and then select Settings from the menu. Now, you should tap on Gaming and also un-toggle the Xbox Game Bar option. Then, you should hit on Captures from the left-side menu. At the end, you should Turn off the Record in the background while I’m playing a game option.

4. Enable V-Sync:

Nvidia Graphics:

The user should right-click on the desktop and then chooses NVIDIA Control Panel. After this, you should hit on 3D Settings and then choose Manage 3D Settings. Now, you should scroll down the list and then tap on Vertical sync and then tap on drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu, you should select On option. At the end, you should hit on Apply button.

 AMD Graphics:

For this, you should right-click on the desktop and then choose AMD Radeon Settings option. After this, hit on Gaming tab and then select Global Settings. At the end, you should Wait for Vertical Refresh and then choose Always on option.

5. Turn off Intel Turbo Boost:

You should input powercfg.cpl in Run and then choose OK option. After this, you should hit on Change plan settings which are next to the selected plan. At this point, tap on Change advanced power settings. Then, you should double-click on the Processor power management just to expand the category. Here, you should double-click on Maximum processor state. Now, you should adjust the On battery and then just Plugged in values to 99 %. At the end, tap on OK button.

6. Turn Off Diagnostic Policy Service:

First of all, you should press Win key + R simultaneously to open the Run dialog. After this, you should input services.msc in Run and then tap on OK button. Now, you should double-click on Diagnostic Policy Service. Here, you should choose Disabled on the Startup type drop-down menu. At the end, you should hit on OK button and just Restart your system.

The above mentioned step helps to fix lagging games on Window 11 and Window 10. For more info about Windows, visit to Microsoft via