How to Resolve Black Screen Issues in Google Chrome?

If the customer encounters issue of Black Screen issues in Google Chrome. Then, to fix this issue you should switch to another Chromium based browser i.e. Opera browser. In this blog, you will read the method to fix Black Screen Issues in Google Chrome. For help, navigate to the site via

Method To Fix Black Screen Issues in Google Chrome:

1. Disable Hardware Acceleration:

First, you should create a Google Chrome shortcut on your Desktop. After this, you should right-hit on the shortcut and then choose Properties. Now, you need to tap on Shortcuts tab. Here in Target window, you have to add the text: “[space]–disable-gpu”. At this point, you should Save changes. Then, you have to open Chrome and then visit to Settings and then tap on Show advanced settings. Next, you should disable the Use hardware acceleration when available option. At the end, you should Restart Chrome.

2. Disable plugins:

For this, you need to hit on the Menu icon and then select More tools and then tap on Extensions. Here, you will view a list of all extensions on the screen. The user should disable all extensions by tapping on the switch icon which is next to the extension’s name. When you disable all extensions, then you should restart Chrome and then check if the problem is fixed or not.

3. Switch to Different Browser:

If in case, the user is facing the issue in Chrome then you should switch to another browser. You should use Opera browser, as it is chromium based, lightweight, free up your RAM and you can browse faster. It is patched and updated, so you will not face any errors.

4. Reinstall Chrome:

To fix the black screen issue in Chrome, you should reinstall it. When you reinstall Chrome, then it will remove all your bookmarks and history. You should uninstall Chrome and for this, you should use uninstaller software. Uninstaller software will remove the application with its files and registry entries. When you remove Chrome, then you should install it again in your device and then check if the problem is resolved or not.

5. Disable Chrome Flags:

You should enter the URL in the Chrome address bar:


Then, you have to look for the flags and just disable them. At this point, you should Restart Chrome. Some of the Chrome flags, which you should disable are:

GPU compositing on all pages

Threaded compositing

Do SHOW Presents with GD

6. Resize Chrome:

In order to fix this issue, you should resize Chrome. For this, you should hit on the Google’s title bar just to resize it. After this, you need to restore Chrome back to the original size and then you should check if the issue is still there or not. This will not permanently fix the issue but if you find the issue again, then you should resize your browser again and check the problem is solved.

With this method, you can fix the issue of Black Screen in Google Chrome. For more details about issue, visit to the site via