How To Resolve If Your Mouse is Moving Erratically?

Keep in mind that the erratic movements of the mouse pointer are due to many problems such as hardware, drivers, third-party software and also because of corrupted programs. Usually, the mouse issues are cursor freezing, disappearing and slow cursor movement. In this blog, you will read the method to fix if your mouse is moving erratically. For help, visit to the site of Microsoft through

Method To Fix If Your Mouse is Moving Erratically:

1. Update your Drivers:

For this, you should right-tap on the Start button and then choose Device Manager. After this, you need to find Mice and other pointing devices. Now, you need to collapse the list and then select your touchpad. At this point, you should right-tap on the touchpad which you are using. Here, you should tap on Update Driver Software. If you find there are updates, then the system will automatically install the driver.

2. Initiate Clean Boot:

You should visit to the search box. And then you have to write msconfig and just choose System Configuration. Now, you have to find Services tab and then choose Hide all Microsoft services box. At this point, you should hit on Disable all option. Next, you should tap on the Startup tab. Here, you have to hit on Open Task Manager. After this, you should Close Task Manager and then tap on OK button. At the end, just Reboot your computer.

3. Use System Settings just to turn on or off Mouse Acceleration:

The user should right-tap on Start option. After this, you need to choose Control Panel option. Now, you have to visit to Hardware and Sound. Then, you need to choose Mouse and just select Pointer Options tab. Here, you have to Uncheck Enhance pointer precision box in order to turn off Mouse Acceleration. At the end, the customer should hit on Apply and then tap on Ok button.

4. Check Mouse Properties:

First of all, you should right-tap on the Start button and then choose Control Panel. Now, you should visit to Hardware and Sound and then choose Mouse. At this point, you should choose Click to change Touchpad settings. Here, you should tap on Sensitivity and then Check the Turn On box which is next to Touch Guard. Next, you should move the white circle just under Touch Guard to your right. Then, you have to tap on Save option and just close the touchpad utility. At last, tap on OK option.

5. Check your Cursor Speed:

The customer has to first open Control Panel and then they have to choose Mouse. After this, you should select the Pointer Options tab. Next, just use the slider scale in order to select the pointer speed which is suitable for you. Keep in mind the user can also change the speed by double-tapping on the Buttons tab and then just adjust it by using the slider scale.

The above method will help you to fix the issue if your Mouse is moving Erratically. For more technical information, the user can visit to the site of Microsoft via

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