How To Stop Your Mouse From Auto Scrolling in Window 11?

Sometimes, outdated Windows results in issue with the mouse functionality. The user can fix this problem by disconnecting and reconnecting the mouse. And for help, you can read the below solution. To know detailed info, navigate to

Method to Stop Your Mouse From Auto Scrolling in Window 11:

1. Unplug and Plug in the Mouse:

If the user wishes to resolve the issue then they should first unplug the mouse from the USB port and then after few seconds, you should plug it back into a different USB port. This will help to resolve the connection issues with the mouse.

2. Update Mouse Drivers:

First, you should open the Run command windows just by pressing Windows+ R key altogether at the same time. After this in the opened window, you should type: devmgmt.msc and then hit on OK button. Here, you will locate Mice and other pointing devices, and just expand it. The user should find the mouse and right-tap on it and then tap on Update driver. Now, you should hit on Search automatically for updated driver software and then Windows will find the driver software for you.

3. Disconnect Mouse and Reconnect it:

To disconnect Mouse, the user should tap on start button in your computer system and then from the drop down menu, you should choose Settings. Here, you should choose Devices and then tap on Bluetooth & other devices. At this point, visit to paired devices and then tap on mouse name. Now, you should hit on Forget device and then tap on OK button. Next, you need to close the Settings windows. The user need to repeat steps 1&2. After this, you should visit to Bluetooth and then toggle it On. Next, you should hit on + button in order to add a device. Then on Add a device Window, you should choose Bluetooth. After this, you should hold the pair button which is on the mouse. In the end, you should choose the mouse from the Discovered devices and then hit on connect button.

4. Restart the PC:

First of all, you should tap on Start option. After this, you need to choose Power button and then tap on Restart option. At last, hit on OK button.

5. Update Windows:

To update Windows, you need to tap on Start button. After this, you should choose Settings from the options. In the end, tap on Windows Update and then choose Check for updates.

6. Change Mouse Settings in your PC:

If you want to change mouse settings, then you should hit on start button on your screen and then choose Settings. After this, you need to tap on Bluetooth and Devices and then choose the mouse which is located on the left side of the screen. Here, you need to disable the Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them. In the end, just Restart your computer and check the issue persists.

7. Uninstall Recent Updates:

To uninstall updates, you need to tap on Start button on your screen and then choose Settings, or you can tap on Windows + I at the same time. After this, you need to hit on Windows Update and then choose Update history. Now, you should visit to Related settings and then choose Uninstall updates. At last, you need to right-tap on the update and then choose Uninstall option.

This method helps to stop Mouse from Auto Scrolling in Window 11. For assistance, the customer can go to