How To Troubleshoot If Chrome is Slow or Lagging on Window 11?

In some cases, user face Chrome is or lagging on Window 11, because of catching blocks or outdated software. To fix this, you should delete the cache or history. For more help, visit to

Method To Fix If Chrome is Slow or Lagging on Window 11:

1. Restart your Browser:

For this, first you need to tap on the X button which is located on the top right side to close the browser and then again restart it. In case, it doesn’t work, then you should close the browser. After this, you should right-tap on the Start button and from the list, you should choose Task Manager. Here, you should tap on Google Chrome from the list of processes and then tap on End task option from the bottom right side of the screen. At last, you should start Chrome again and then check the issue is still there or not.

2. Clear Browsing Data:

To clear browsing data, you should visit to the top right-side of the screen and search for three vertically-lined dots and tap on it. After this, you should go to More Tools and then tap on Clear Browsing History. Now, you should tap on Privacy and security option from the left side of the screen and then choose Clear browsing data option. Here, you should hit on the Time range tab and from the list of option, choose All time button. At this point, you should select what data you wish to remove and then select Clear data. At last, you should Restart Chrome.

3. Use Chrome’s Task Manager:

The user should tap on the three vertical dots button from the top right side in order to access Chrome’s menu. After this, you should choose More tools and then select Task manager from the list. Remember, you can open Chrome’s Task manager by using Shift + Esc key altogether. At last, you should search for unuseful processes which consumes more CPU resources, tap on it and then press End Process button. Now, Chrome will immediately restart.

4. Disable Preload Option:

To disable preload option, you should tap on the three vertically-aligned dots which is on the top right side and then choose Settings from the list. Now, you should go to the Privacy and Security option and then choose Cookies and other site data. After this, you should search for an option called Preload pages for faster browsing and searching, and then disable it. At last, you need to Restart Chrome.

5. Remove Chrome extensions:

First of all, you need to tap on the three vertically-aligned dots which is on the right-side of the screen. After this, you should go to More tools and then tap on Extensions. Now, you should go through this list and then remove the ones which you don’t require just by tapping on the Remove button in each extension. At last, the user can also deactivate them just by toggling off the switch to the lower right side, so that it don’t load.

6.  Update Chrome:

To update Chrome, you should tap on the three vertically-lined dots which is on the top right-side and then choose Settings button. Now, in the Settings page, you should choose About Chrome which is on the left-side of the screen. In case, your browser is up-to-date, then you can view this.

Through this way, the user can fix If Chrome is slow or lagging on Window 11. For more help, visit to the site via