How you can Block Window 10 from Auto updating Specific Drivers?

If you want to manually updating your drivers, then you should block Windows 10 from automatically updating. In this blog, you will read the method to block Window 10 from auto-updating specific drivers. For assistance, go to

Method to Block Window 10 from Auto-updating Specific Drivers:

1. Use Group Policy Editor:

For this, the user should right-click on Start option and then selects Device Manager Button. After this, you should find the drive which you wish to block updates on and then right tap on it. Then, you have to choose Properties option from the list of options. Here, you have to visit to the Details tab. Now in the Property drop-down menu, you should tap on Hardware Id. At this point, you should choose all Ids and then you should copy + paste the data in any text editor. Next, you should press Windows + X keys together on your keyboard and then type gpedit.msc. Then, just choose Run As Administrator. Here, you should follow this path:

Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesSystemDevice InstallationDevice Installation Restrictions

After that, you should choose Prevent installation of devices that match any of these device IDs. Then in the Policy window, you have to hit on Enable option and then go to Show button. From the saved document, you have to copy the Ids one by one and then paste them in separate Volume columns. Here, you need to Save changes and then exit Group Policy Editor.

2. Block Auto-updating on Metered Wi-Fi connection:

First, you have to open Start and then hit on Settings option which is on the left. Now, you should visit to Network & Internet. After this, you should select Wi-Fi which is on the left side panel and then tap on Manage Known Networks. Here, you need to choose your Wi-Fi network and then tap on Properties. At this point, you should enable Set as metered connection. But in case, you are using more wireless networks, then you should set them individually.

3. Hide Drivers with Show or Hide updates Tool:

The user should download the Troubleshooting tool. After this, you should use the tool for scanning the available updates. In case, the updates are available, then you should select if you wish to hide them or not. Now, you should choose Hide unwanted updates and then tap on Confirm option. If you view the next update occurs, then chosen updates will be skipped.

4. Uninstall Malfunctioning Drivers:

You should open Search option and then type Windows Update Settings. Now in the right section, you should tap on View Update History. After this, you should choose Uninstall updates. At last, you should select the unwanted ones and just uninstall them.

The user can also roll back drivers from Device Manager. For this, you should right-tap on Start button and then open Device Manager. Now, you have to find a faulty device driver. At this point, you should right-click on it and then open Properties. Here, you have to open the Driver tab. At last, you should tap on Roll Back Driver.

With this method, you can block Window 10 from auto-updating specific driver. For more details about Window 10, go to