How you can Defrag your Drives in Window 11?

If the user wants to defrag the drives to improve the performance of their PC, then they can follow the simple below method. Remember, this if you have SSD installed in your device, then you should just optimize it and there is no need to defragment it. In case, they need help, then go to

Method To Defrag your Drives in Window 11:

1. Use Defragmentation Tool from Windows:

For this, you need to hit on Search icon which is in the Taskbar and then write defrag. Now from the list, you should choose Defragment Optimize Drives. The window opens up on your screen and then you will view the drives list and also their current defragmentation status. At this point, you should choose the drive which you wish to analyze, and tap on Analyze button. This process can be performed on HDDs. Now, you should wait for the procedure to complete. In case, your drive is fragmented, then choose it and just tap on Optimize button. At last, you need to wait for the process to complete. This process will take some time and it depends on the fragmentation level.

2. Use Command Line:

The user should tap on Windows Key + X altogether and then select Windows Terminal as Admin. If you want to analyze the drive, then you should enter the command and make sure you replace X with the letter of the drive:

defrag X: /a

When the scan is complete, then you will view the information about your hard drive like the fragmentation level and define whether you require defragmenting your drive or not. Here, you should enter the command to defrag the drive:

defrag X:

Bow, you need to wait for the procedure to finish. If you want to defrag all drives which are available in your Computer, then use the command:

defrag /C

And to defrag all drives but except the specific one, then run this command:

defrag /E X

Method to Schedule Defragmentation in Windows 11:

To schedule defragmentation, you need to tap on Windows Search and write defrag and then choose the Defragment and Optimize Drives app from the list of results. Now in Scheduled optimization, you need to tap on Change settings. Here, you need to set frequency to Weekly or Monthly. At this point, you should tap on Choose button. Then, you should check the drives which you wish to schedule defragmentation for and tap on OK button. Again in the end, tap on Ok button in order to save the changes.

Method to Optimize SSD:

To optimize SSD, you should tap on Windows Search from Taskbar and type defrag. After this, you need to select the Defragment and Optimize Drives app. At last, you should tap on the SSD drive just to select it and then tap on Optimize button.

With this method, the user can easily defrag the drives in Window 11. For help related to Window 11 issues, visit to