How you can Encrypt Files and Folders in Window 10?

If the customer needs to encrypt files and folders in Window 10, then you should password protect your document and file encryption tool. For help, you should go to In this blog, you will read the method to encrypt files and folders in Window 10.

Method To Encrypt Files and Folders in Window 10:

1. Use Built-in Encrypted File System:

For this, first the user has to right-tap on the file/folder which you wish to encrypt and then visit to Properties. Then in the General tab, you have to hit on Advanced option. Here under the Compress and encrypt attributes section, you should tap on Encrypt content to secure data. At this point, you should tap on OK button and then close Properties option. At last, you should select Apply changes to the folder, subfolders, and files.

2. Use Dedicated Encryption Tool:

If in case, Windows encryption tool isn’t good for your files, then you can use third-party encryption software. If the user use right third-party tool which is better than EFS, as it gives more options to keep your files safe from unwanted eyes. You will find free encrypting tools, but you should use premium software as it provides more features. It is advised you should use WinZip as it is the popular file encryption and compression tool. It gives file management options such as sharing, compressing and also back up files. With this software, you can zip your files with certified 128 or 256-bit AES encryption. WinZip also helps you to create read-only PDFs and you can add watermarks to deter copying. WinZip also helps the user to find, open, edit, move and share the files which is stored in the computer, networks and cloud services.

How you can Back up your Encryption Key?

To backup your Encryption Key, you should tap on Back up your encryption key popup. After this, you should select Back up now option. At this point, you should follow the directions from the wizard. Now, you should enter and re-enter your password. Here, you have to select a place in which you have to save your certificate and then give a name to your encryption backup file. At last, press on Next and Finish option.

3. Use Microsoft Office:

To use Microsoft Office, you should open the Office file which you wish to encrypt and then visit to File. Now under Info, you should tap on Protect document. Here, you should select Encrypt with password. At this point, you should enter your password and then hit on Enter key. At last, you should re-enter your password and then tap on OK button.

With this above method, you can encrypt files and folders in Window 10. If the customer need for encrypting files and folder in Window 10, then go to