How You Can Rollback from Window 11 to Window 10?

As you all know that Microsoft has released Window 11 for its users, but in some cases users face lot of issues with this new OS. To get rid of these issues, users usually decide to rollback to Window 10. In this blog, you will read the method to rollback from Window 11 to Window 10. For more information related to Windows 10 and 11, visit to

Method To Rollback from Window 11 to Window 10:

1. Extend Trial Period to 60 days:

For this, first the user has to open Windows Terminal just by hitting on the Win + X keys altogether on your keyboard and then you have to select the app from the menu. Here, you have to run the below command:

DISM /Online /Set-OSUninstallWindow /Value:60

After this, you should run this command:

dism.exe /online /Get-OSUninstallWindow

At the end, the trial period should be extended to 60 days.

2. Use Built-in Settings App to Rollback to Windows 10:

The user should first tap on the Start Menu and then just open Settings. After this, you should select Windows Update and then just tap on Advanced options. Now, you should scroll down to the list and then select Recovery. Here, you should tap on the Go Back button just under the Recovery options menu. At this point, Microsoft will ask for the reasons why you want to go back to Windows 10.  Then, you have to select the answer and then just tap on Next option. Next, you have to choose the No, thanks button. You should hit on Next button to confirm. It is advised you should remember your PIN and password as you have to use it later. After this, you need to hit on Next option. At the end, you have to hit on the Go back to earlier build button.

What you will do if Windows 11’s installation automatically begins after the rollback?

1. Remove Update Downloaded Files:

It is suggested you should not restart if the pop-up displays on your screen. To remove the updated downloaded files, you should tap on the Windows key + E altogether to begin File Explorer and then visit to the below path:


Now, you should press Ctrl + A altogether to select all the files at that location. Here, you should press Shift + Delete button together to completely delete the files and then tap on Yes option to confirm. At last, you should tap on the Start button and then select Update and Restart option.

2. Use Disk Cleanup:

The customer should tap on the Search button in your taskbar and then type disk cleanup and then hit on the app from the results. Now, you should tap on the Clean up system files button. At last, you need to wait for the procedure to finish and then restart your Computer system.

Through this method, the users can easily rollback from Window 11 to Window 10. But for any type of help related to Windows, the user should navigate to the official site of Microsoft Office through