If AMD Driver Crashes in Window 11! How To Fix it?

In some cases, the user encounters AMD Driver Crashes in Window 11. This issue is caused due to corrupted directories or outdated files. Hence, to fix this issue you should read the method to fix if AMD Driver Crashes in Window 11. For info, visit to the site via www.office.com/setup.

Method To Fix If AMD Driver Crashes in Window 11:

1. Update Driver:

First of all, you should right-tap on the Start icon in the Taskbar or you should tap on Windows+ X altogether in order to launch the Quick Access menu. Now, you should choose Device Manager from the list of options. Then, you have to double hit on the Processors option. At this point, you should right-tap on the AMD driver and then choose Update driver option from the context menu. At last, you should choose Search automatically for drivers option.

2. Clean your Card:

Keep in mind that AMD driver will crash, if there is dust on the fan of the graphics card. In this situation, the user must clean the fan of the graphics card. For this, you should open your computer case and just remove the graphic card and then clean the fan of your computer. It is advised you should unplug the graphics card and internal components like the motherboard and power supply in order to clean them.

3. Change TdrDelay Value from Registry Editor:

For this, you should hit on Windows + R key altogether and then type regedit and then tap on Enter or OK key. When the Registry Editor window opens up on your screen, then in the left side go to System under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then visit to CurrentControlSet, which is followed by Control option. Here, you should go to GraphicsDrivers and then right-tap in the right side. Keep in mind you should select New and then tap on DWORD (32-bit) Value if the user use a 32-bit system or QWORD (64-bit) Value if the user use 64-bit OP. Here in the name, you should enter TdrDelay for the newly created value and then double tap on it in order to set the Value data to 8 and Base to Hexadecimal. At last, you should tap on OK to save the changes, and then exit from the Registry Editor and just restart your computer system.

4. Reinstall AMD Driver:

The customer should hit on Windows+ X key at the same time to launch the Quick Access menu and then from the list of option, choose Device Manager. Now, you should double tap on the Processors option. Then, you have to right-tap on the AMD driver and then from the context menu, choose Uninstall device.

5. Check for Hardware Issues:

To fix this issue, you should tap on the Windows key + S together to open the search function. After this, type cmd and then right-tap on the result and just run as administrator. When Command Prompt launches, you should type the command and tap on Enter key:

chkdsk C: /f /r /x

With this method, the customer can fix the issue if AMD Driver Crashes in Window 11. For more info, go to the site via www.office.com/myaccount.

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