If Computer is Not Using All RAM! How to Fix it?

If in case, your computer is not using all RAM, then you should check that you have installed the right version. To fix this issue, you should verify that the existing memory is compatible with the motherboard. In this article, you will learn the method to fix if Computer is not using all RAM. For more information, visit to Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

Method To Fix If Computer is Not Using All RAM:

1. Use 64-bit Version of Windows:

For this, you need to press Windows + I key together to open the Settings app. After this, go to the System section. Now from the left side, you should choose About. Lastly in the right side, you should locate System type.

2. Turn off Auto RAM Virtualization:

You should first press Windows key + S altogether and then enter advanced. Now from the menu, you need to select View advanced system settings. If System Properties window opens up on your screen, then tap on the Settings button in Performance section. At this point, the Performance Options window will display on your screen. Here, you need to visit to the Advanced tab and then hit on Change. Then in the Virtual Memory window, you should uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives option. After this, you have to choose each drive on the list and then select No paging file option. Lastly, hit OK button to save changes.

3. Check your RAM is Seated Correctly:

First of all, you should turn off your PC and then disconnect the power cable. After this, you should open the computer case and then just locate the RAM modules. At the end, you should check all modules are properly inserted and locked.

4. Check your RAM is Faulty:

The user should first download MemTest86 tool and then create a bootable media. Now, you need to Restart your PC and then boot from the bootable media. At this point, you will view MemTest will automatically begin scanning your RAM. Here, you should leave it running for some time. If the problem is found, then this means that one of your modules is damaged. If you want to find out damaged module, then you should scan one memory at the time.

5. Rearrange your RAM Modules:

The customer should turn off your PC and then disconnect the power cable. After this, you should open the computer case and then locate your RAM modules. Now, you should get your motherboard manual. Here, you should check the order where memory should be installed. If in case, the models aren’t arranged properly, then you should move them to the correct slots.

6. Change your BIOS Settings:

First, you need to press F2 or Del key so that your system boots to access BIOS. Now, you should change the values:

Vitualization – ON.


Render Stability – Enabled

iGPU memory – Auto

Multimonitor – Disabled

Frame Buffer Location – Below 4G

Here, you should go to the Advanced section and then choose System Agent Configuration. At last, you should choose Memory Remap and then just set it to Enabled.

With this method, you can resolve the issue if your computer is not using all RAM. For more help related to the problem, you can go to the site of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup365.