If My Keyboard is Typing Backwards in Window 10 and 11! How To Fix it?

The user can setup Window Keyboard according to their language and region typing style. But sometimes user face the problem of Keyboard is typing backwards in Window 10 & 11. In order to resolve the problem, you should read the procedure to fix Keyboard Typing Backwards in Window 10 & 11. For more info, navigate to office.com/setup.

Method To Fix If Keyboard Typing Backwards in Window 10 & 11:

1. Restart your Machine:

To troubleshoot the issues, you should restart your computer system. In case, you find your keyboard is typing backward because of software conflict or malfunctioning procedure, then rebooting the device will fix the issue. The user can also disconnect and re-connect the external keyboard, if you are using it. When you restart your PC, then you should reconnect your external keyboard.

2. Run Keyboard Troubleshooter:

For this, you should tap on Windows key and then just search for troubleshoot. After this, you should tap on Troubleshoot settings from the search results. Here, you need to Scroll down the right side and then tap on Keyboard. At this point, you should choose the Run the troubleshooter button. At last, you need to follow the steps to fix the keyboard typing backward.

3. Change your System’s Region:

In order to change the system region, you should press the Start menu. After this, you should search for control panel and then open Control Panel from the results. Now, you should go to Region and visit to the Location tab. At this point, you should hit on the dropdown menu for Home location and then choose the United States. Here, you should tap on OK button in order to save the settings. At last, Restart your machine.

4. Re-install your Keyboard Driver:

To reinstall, you need to tap on the Win key + X combination at the same time. After this, visit to Device Manager and then expand the Keyboards item on the list. Here, you should right-tap on Standard PS/2 Keyboard. At this point, you should choose Uninstall driver. At last, follow the steps to uninstall the driver and then just Restart your computer system.

5. Change your Keyboard Typing Direction:

With Windows operating system, you can change to type between left-to-right typing and right-to-left typing. In case, your keyboard is typing backward, then might you have change the system settings because of virus or bug. To fix the issue, for right-to-left typing, you need to press CTRL + right SHIFT altogether. And for left-to-right typing, you need to press CTRL + left SHIFT at the same time.

Through this above method, you can fix the issue of Keyboard is Typing backwards in Window 10 and 11. If customer find the issue still persist, then they should go to the site of MS Office through www.office.com/setup or office.com/myaccount.