If Projecting To This PC Options Are Greyed Out! How To Fix it?

Sometimes, user encounters Projecting to this PC Option are Greyed Out issue because the wireless display feature is not installed. To fix this problem, you should learn the method to fix if Projecting to this PC Options are Greyed Out. For more details, navigate to the site of office.com/setup or Office.com/myaccount.

Projecting To This PC

Method To Fix If Projecting To This PC Options Are Greyed Out:

1. Install Wireless Display Features:

For this, you have to tap on the Start taskbar button. After this, you should choose Settings on your Start menu. Now, you should tap on Apps to open the Settings tab. At this point, you should tap on Optional features in order to open the window. Here, you should tap on the + Add a feature button on the window. Then, you have to write the keyword Wireless Display in the search box. Next, you need to choose the Wireless Display checkbox. Just, hit on Install button in order to add Wireless Display to Windows 10. Lastly, you have to wait so that the new feature gets install. When it is installed, then just check the Installed features list has Wireless Display.

2. Update your Computer Wireless Network Adapter Driver:

To update, you need to right-tap on Start button to choose Device Manager on the Win + X menu. After this, you should double-tap on Network adapters category in the Device Manager window. Now, you should right-tap on your Wi-Fi network adapter and then choose Update driver option. Lastly in the Update Driver Window, you need to choose the Search automatically for drivers option.

3. Reinstall Wireless Network Adapter’s Driver:

To reinstall, open the Device Manager. After this, you need to expand the Network adapters category. Now, right-tap on your wireless network adapter which is listed there and then choose Uninstall device. At this point, you should choose the Delete the driver for this device checkbox on the confirmation window which pops up on your screen. Then, you have to press the Uninstall button. Lastly, you need to tap on Power and then select Restart option on the Start menu.

4. Update Windows 10 to Latest Version:

In order to update Window 10, you need to tap on the Windows key and I at the same time and it will open Settings. After this, you need to tap on Update & Security option to open the Settings. Now, you should tap on Check for updates button in order to check for the availability of new version. If in case, the Windows Update tab displays the new feature update available for your Computer, then tap on Download and Install button.

Method to Check your PC’s Wi-Fi supports Miracast:

To check, you should tap on the search box on the taskbar. After this, you should write cmd in the search utility’s text box in order to find Command Prompt. Now, you should choose the Command Prompt utility in the search results in order to open it. Next, you need to type the below command in the Prompt’s window and press Enter key.

netsh wlan show drivers

At last, you should look for the Wireless Display Supported detail at the bottom of the Command Prompt’s window. If your PC does not support Miracast, then there will be no wireless interface on the system.

Through this way, you can fix the issue of Projecting to the PC Options are Greyed Out. For details, tap on www.office.com/setup.