If SYSTEM PTE MISUSE BSoD Error in Window 10! How to Fix it?

There are some situations when the user encounter this issue and it is usually caused because of file corruption. To fix this error, you should update your Window and driver. For info, go to office.com/setup. In this blog, you will read the method to fix if SYSTEM PTE MISUSE BSoD Error in Window 10.

Method To Fix If SYSTEM PTE MISUSE BSoD Error in Window 10:

1. Run Hardware Troubleshooter:

First of all, you should open the Settings application and then navigate to Update & Security section. Now, you have to hit on Troubleshoot option from the menu which is on the left side. Then, you should hit on Additional troubleshooters. At this point, you should choose the specific troubleshooter and then hit on Run the troubleshooter. At last, just follow the steps on the screen to finish the troubleshooter procedure.

2. Run SFC Scan:

The customer should right-hit on the Start Menu button and then chooses Windows PowerShell (Admin). Then, you need to put the command line and just run it:


You need to wait so that the procedure completes. Lastly, just close the PowerShell and then restart the device.

3. Update Windows 10 and Drivers:

Update Windows:

The user should hit on Windows + I key together to open the Settings application. Now, visit to Update & Security section. Here, you have to check for available updates and just download it.

Update Drivers:

To update drivers, go to your hardware manufacture’s website. After this, visit to the Drivers section. And then you have to find your model and just download the latest driver for it. At the end, just repeat this procedure for all the devices whose drivers you wish to update.

4. Run DISM:

To run DSIM, you need to right-tap on Start option and then open Windows PowerShell (Admin). Now, you need to paste or type the command and tap on Enter button:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Just you need to wait so that the scanning process completes. Lastly, you need to Restart your gadget and then again update it.

Through Windows Installation Media:

For this, you should insert your Windows installation media. And then just right-hit on the Start button and then tap on Windows PowerShell (Admin). Here, you need to write the command and tap on Enter button:


Then, change X value with the letter of the mounted drive through Windows 10 installation. When procedure completes, just restart your device.

5. Remove your Antivirus:

To remove antivirus, tap on Windows key + I together to open the Settings application. Here, you should go to the Apps section. At last, choose your antivirus software and then hit on Uninstall option.

6. Use Safe Mode:

To use Safe Mode, you should press the Shift key in your keyboard and then hit on Restart button. After this, you should hit on Troubleshoot option and then go to Advanced options. Now, you should tap on the Startup Settings and then hit on Restart button. If your system restarts, then you will view list of options. Here, you need to choose Safe Mode with Networking just by tapping on 5 or F5. At last, your system will enter in Safe Mode.

With this above method, you can fix the issue of SYSTEM PTE MISUSE BSoD Error in Window 10. For more help, visit to www.office.com/setup.