If System Thread Exception Not Handled Error in Window 11! How to Fix it?

The user face Window 11 error i.e. System thread Exception not handled issue due to internal system crash and faulty drivers. To resolve this error, you should boot your computer into safe mode, reinstall faulty drivers and repair your system. But if you are still having problems, then navigate to the official site of MS Office via office.com/myaccount.

Method to Fix If System Thread Exception Not Handled Error in Window 11:

1. Boot into Safe Mode:

First of all, the user should tap on the Win + I buttons at the same time in order to open the Settings menu. Then from the left side of the screen, you should choose System option. Here, you need to tap on Recovery button. Now under Advanced startup, you need to choose Restart now option. Here, you will view that your computer system will reboot and you will find the multiple options. The user should choose Troubleshoot option and then tap on Advanced options. At this point, you need to choose Startup Settings and then hit on Restart button. At last, your computers reboot and then press F5 to boot your computer system into Safe Mode.

2.  Use Third-party Tool:

The user should download Restoro and then install it on the computer system. After this, you should launch the program. Now, Restoro will scan your computer system in order to detect corrupt or missing system files. When the scan is finished, you should tap on Start Repair button in order to resolve the issues in your computer.

3. Reinstall Graphics Card Drivers:

To reinstall Graphic Card Drivers, you should right-tap on the Start icon. After this, you need to choose Device Manager and then expand the Display adapters section. At this point, you should right-tap on your GPU and then select Uninstall device. Now, you should Restart your computer system. When you restart the PC, then it will automatically install the graphics driver.

4. Repair the System Files:

If the user wants to repair the system files, then they should open the Start menu. After this, you need to write cmd and then select Run as administrator. Now, you need to write the command in the CMD window and then press Enter key:

sfc /scannow

5. Use Windows Restore Point:

To use Window Restore Point, you need to open the Start menu. After this, you should search for Create a restore point and then just open it. Now, you should tap on the System Restore button and then tap on Next button. At last, you need to choose the restore point in order to undo the latest changes in your PC.

Through this way, the customer can easily fix System Thread Exception Not Handled error in Window 11. For detailed info, navigate to www.office.com/myaccount.