If you Can’t Print From Chrome! How to Fix it?

Sometimes, the user face this issue of Can’t print from Chrome. To fix this issue, you should read the method to fix problem with Printing from Chrome. For help, go to Www.office.com/myaccount.

Method to Enable Print on Google Chrome:

For this, you should launch Chrome and then open the file you wish to print. After this, you need to tap on Ctrl key + P altogether to print. Now, you should select your preferred printing destination and then tap on other settings. At the end, you should tap on the Print button.

Method to Fix Problem with Printing from Chrome:

1. Switch to Opera Browser:

You should use Opera browser and add a Print add-on. The Print Opera add-on is a tool which adds a button in your browser, so that the user can easily print a page with only one click. And most importantly, this add-on can be easily installed in all the PC, Mac, Linux, Chromebooks. Opera is compatible with all other browsers, such as Chrome or Mozilla. You can print directly from the Opera browser by pressing Ctrl+Shift+P altogether.

2. Use Keyboard Shortcut:

You should press Ctrl + Shift + P at the same time from your keyboard, in order to make the necessary selections. This is alternate method but if you wish to permanently solve the problem, then you need to remove the issues which is causing the error.

3. Clear Browsing Data:

For this, you should open Google Chrome and then tap on Ctrl + Shift + Del key together to open the Clear browsing data window. After this, you should choose All time option from the Time range dropdown menu. Now, you should check the checkboxes of the option of Browsing History, Cached images, Cookies and other site data and files and then tap on Clear data. At last, you need to wait for the procedure to finish.

4. Delete Printers you Don’t Use:

To delete printer, first you have to tap on Windows + I key in order to launch Settings and then choose Bluetooth & devices from the tabs which is on the left side of the screen. Now, you should tap on Printers & scanners which are on the right side of the screen. At this point, from the list you have to hit on the printer which you don’t use and tap on Remove button. At last, you need to tap on Yes button in the confirmation prompt.

5. Reset Chrome settings:

To reset Chrome setting, you should first launch Chrome and then paste the path in the address bar and press Enter key:


After this, you should hit on Restore settings to their original defaults. At last, you should hit on Reset settings and then wait for the procedure to complete.

Through this process, you can fix the issue of Can’t print from Chrome. For help, you can visit to office.com/myaccount.