If Zoom is Unable to Detect A Camera in Window 11! How To Fix it?

In some cases, the user’s complaints that Zoom is unable to detect a camera in Window 11. To fix this issue, the user should check the camera, update the drivers, change the permissions and run the troubleshooter. If you need more help, then navigate to office.com/setup

Method to Fix If Zoom is Unable to Detect A Camera in Window 11:

1. Some Basic Checks:

 Verify Camera Selection:

In the Zoom app screen, you should tap on the Settings icon which is next to the top-right side of the screen. After this, you should visit to the Video tab from the navigation pane and then choose the functional webcam from the Camera dropdown menu. Now, you should Restart the Zoom app and then check if Zoom can detect a camera.

Remove Obstructions:

Sometimes, issue occurs because of an object obstructing the camera. It is basically in the external webcam and the video looks black, users find that the problem is with the computer itself. Hence, you should check for obstructions and just remove them.

Check Camera is Enabled:

Normally, computers and laptops have a button which is used to enable or disable the camera. Just check if the camera is disabled, then press the button to re-enable it. For external webcam, check the switch is turned on

Restart Device:

For this, you should go to the desktop and then tap on Alt + F4 to launch the Shut Down Windows box. After this, you should hit on the dropdown menu and then choose Restart option from the list of options and tap on OK button.

Check Problem with Zoom or Computer:

The user should check that the camera is working perfectly on other apps. If in case, it works well, then the issue is with Zoom app. But if the webcam does not work with other apps then you should update the driver, run the troubleshooter or install the latest version of OS.

2. Update Zoom:

First of all, you should launch the Zoom app, then you should tap on the Profile icon which is next to the top-right side and then choose Check for Updates from the options. If you find newer version is there, then just install it and just check if the issue is resolved or not.

3. Update Windows 11:

The user should tap on Windows + I key together just to launch the Settings app. After this, you should choose Windows Update from the tabs which are there in the navigation pane located on the left. At last, you should tap on Check for updates and then download the latest version for your OS.

4. Check Browser Settings:

The customer should launch the browser and then type the command in the address bar and then tap on Enter key:


After this, you should hit on Site Settings just under Privacy & security. Now, you need to tap on Camera just under Permissions. At last, you should make sure the option the Sites can ask to use your camera is enabled and just check Zoom is not added under the option of Not allowed to use your camera.

With this method, you can resolve the issue if Zoom is unable to detect a camera in Window 11. For more assistance related to Window 11, tap on www.office.com/setup365.