How to Troubleshoot If Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering?

As we all know, laptop as made our life easy as with it you can work from anywhere anytime. If the user wants to keep regular workflow, then they should first fix the issue of Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering. To fix this issue, you should check the laptop battery and broken laptop power jack. If the customer requires help, go to Given below are the different methods to troubleshoot Laptop Power Jack without Soldering.

Method To Troubleshoot Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering:

1. Check your Laptop Battery is Working:

First of all, the user should take the battery out of your laptop. After this, you should plug your charger in without the battery. When your laptop is running on AC power, then you should check it works or not.

2. Check your Battery Life through CMD:

The customer should right-hit on Start button and then choose Command Prompt as Admin. Now, you should write powercfg energy in the Command Prompt. At this point, you will view the file path will display on your screen.  Here, you should Scroll down till you locate the Battery: Battery Information section. Now, you should check the Design Capacity and also the Last Full Charge. At last, you should divide the Design Capacity value with the Last Full Charge value and then you should multiply by 100%.

3. Check Power Adapter:

To check the power adapter, you should plug your AC adapter in your power outlet. After this, you should set the Multimeter to 20V and into DC mode. At this point, you should use the Multimeter leads and also touch the metal parts of the AC adapter connector. At last, you will get the reading on your Multimeter, which will close to the one written on your Ac adapter.

4. Open up your Laptop’s Case:

The user should take a screwdriver and then unscrew your laptop’s case. After this, you should take out your battery, RAM and storage. Here, you should ensure that there are no screws which are left holding your case. Next, you should open up your case and then just take a look at the power jack. At this point, you should take the power jack out of its designated socket and then just put it back in by applying the pressure. At last, you have to put your laptop back together and then properly screwing everything back.

Through this way, the user can easily fix the laptop power jack without soldering. If the customer needs any kind of information, then they should navigate to the official site of Microsoft Office via or