What is the Method To Update Graphic Driver on Window 10?

Keep in mind, up to date drivers will improve your device performance. So in this blog, you will read the ways to update graphic drivers in Window 10. For assistance, you should visit to Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

Ways to Update Graphic Drivers in Window 10:

1. Use Device Manager:

First, the user should press Windows Key + X altogether to open Win + X menu. After this, choose Device Manager option from the list. Now, you should navigate to the Display adapters section and then right-hit on your graphics driver. At this point, you should select Update Driver Software from the menu. The user has to choose the option of Search automatically for updated driver software. You should wait for few minutes so that Windows 10 find and install the latest driver for your Computer.

The user can Install the drivers from your local computer.

For this, you should press and hold Windows Key + X together in order to open Win + X menu. Now, you need to choose the option of Device Manager. At this point, you need to tap on Browse my computer for driver software option. Then, hit on the Browse button. When you find the folder, you need to tap on Next option and then wait for Windows 10 to scan the folder. If it found the compatible drivers then you will view Windows 10 will automatically install them.

2. Automatically Update Drivers:

When you update drivers automatically, this will saves your time. Driver updater tool will keep your computer system safe from damage and it will begin scanning your Computer for outdated driver. For this, you should download and install DriverFix. And then you should launch the software. At this point, you need to wait for DriverFix so that it detects all your faulty drivers. Now, you will see all the drivers which contain issues and then choose the ones which you want to fix. Here, you should wait for the app to download and then install the newest drivers. At last, you need to Restart your Computer system so that the changes takes place.

3. Manually Download Drivers:

For this, you should know the type of graphic card which you are using, the manufacturer’s website and also the correct driver version. In order to find out the model of your graphic card, the user should use Device Manager and then visit to Display adapters section. If you want to find the model of your graphic card, then you should navigate to the manufacturer’s website. After this, you should go to the Download or Drivers section. Here, you should select Product Type, Product Series and Product. When you choose your graphic card model, then you should choose the version of your operating system it might be 32-bit version or the 64-bit. Here, you should choose 64-bit version of the driver to get the maximum performance. When new graphics driver is installed, then you should restart your system to finish the installation. You should use the latest firmware features and tools.

If the customer need more help, you should go to Microsoft via office.com/setup